Glad to be back on the Bay!

By Captain Chris | July 6, 2009

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Great Day On The Bay!

By Captain Chris | June 26, 2009

After a week of horrible weather we were able to depart for our 2 pm departure today kamagra ritalin together and it turned out to be a great day on the water with LOTS to see and experience! We had the pleasure of seeing 3 Minke whales, lots of seals, an eagle, harbour porpoise and a variety of sea birds.

 whale sighting

A local lobster fishermen with his catch, nexium generic canada a unique experience to see how the lobsters are trapped.


Our on-board touch & feel tank is very popular with the young and the young at heart,  nexium 80 mg dose our marine biologist enjoy educating our guests on what can be found on the ocean floor.

   touch and feel tank

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By Captain Chris | June 14, 2009

We have officially opened for the 2009 season with daily departures. Check back often for updates on what we are seeing on our Bay of Fundy Adventures, Cruisin’ with the Whales & Wildlife.

Island Quest 2009

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Island Quest Blog

By Captain Chris | January 19, 2009

To view our Island Quest Blog please go to ! (copy and paste this link into your web browser.)

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Where Has The Summer Gone?

By Captain Chris | September 19, 2007

Wow! Here we are in September already, what a great season, the whales & wildlife have been amazing, the weather has co-operated, and now we look forward to the fall.

Below are a few close up looks we had with some friendly Fin whales, you can see the small augmentin bd 1000 mg skiff behind watching one of the Fin’s, notice the width of the whale, massive! Also the gentleman standing on our upper deck while a Fin whale approaches the stern of our boat, uso del cialis what a thrill. The other photo is of a Minke whale, very common on our whale and wildlife adventures.

The long range weather looks great and we will continue our cruises until the middle of October, so if you haven’t had the chance to join us, there is still time, give us a call to reserve your seats today! Along with the whales there is still lots to see and experience!

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Whales, Wildlife, Great Weather and Wonderful People!

By Captain Chris | August 7, 2007

Just wanted to start this blog by saying THANK YOU to all you folks who have come to St. Andrews this summer to join us here at ‘Island Quest’ and for all the great comments we have received this season along with all the e-mails.

We deeply appreciate your business and to all our repeat customers that come back year after year and for those of you who come multiple times in one season (and you know who you are) a sincere THANK YOU!

We (the Island Quest team) could not do what we do and enjoy it as much as we do without the support of all of you!

Now on with some of our sightings and interesting things we have experienced on our Bay of Fundy cruise.

On the way out of the harbour through the L’Etete Passage we saw some rockweed harvesters, raking rockweed into a small skiff, when the boat is full it is taken to the main land where it is sold, you can see in the photo above, there is barely enough room for the workers.

Our resident seals at low tide (harbour and grey seals) catching a few hours of sunshine before the tide comes back in and covers the rocks they are resting on.

Just beyond the seals, we see one of the many whales we encounter on our tours, a Minke, with good weather and calm seas, the sightings are great! Out beyond Whitehorse Island we see several blows…Finbacks, the plume can be seen for miles away!

On the way back through the islands our passengers are treated to our famous smoked salmon pate snack, while observing an aquaculture site where they farm raise Atlantic salmon…the process is quite amazing.

This is just a brief view of what there is to see and experience, every day is unique, every trip is unique and we look forward to taking you on a unique adventure,’Cruisin’ with the Whales.’

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Fantastic Whale Sightings!

By Captain Chris | July 30, 2007

The Season has been great for whale sightings…the only thing I could do without is our famous Bay of Fundy FOG!

We have had the pleasure of observing as many as 6 Fin whales together…these are the big guys, second largest in the world to the Blue whales!

Also we had a breaching Minke whale…I understand we had a lot of excited customers coming back to our office to tell our staff.

Well the winds are going to shift tomorrow and it can only get better from here!

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1st Humpback Whale Sighting Of Our 2007 Season!

By Captain Chris | July 2, 2007

We had the pleasure of sighting our 1st humpback whale of the season today on our 10:00 am departure. Humpbacks are typically not seen in our part of the Bay until late July or early August, so we are excited about how our 2007 season is shaping up!

whale-watch-2006-562.jpg kevins-boat-pics-005.jpg

Along with the finback and minke whales, we have also had some fantastic bald eagle sightings, our usual harbour and grey seals are always a favorite for the young and the young at heart and the harbour porpoise… fun to watch.

The weather has been amazing and since we opened on June 10th we have not missed a trip!

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