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Our Favourite Island Quest Whale Watching Moments

a whale jumping out of the water

We have been recapping some of our favourite Island Quest Whale Watching moments on our Facebook page and here are just a couple photos!

After much deliberation and consulting with our awesome whale watching friends, we had to share these two photos from our Whale and Wildlife watching season.

an animal swimming in the water

a dog swimming in a body of water

The first photo is one in a series of many that was taken on that trip. We had a very energetic Minke that wanted to show off for our whale watching guests, breaching in excess of 100 times! Whale watching truly at its best!

The second photo shows the HUGE rostrum (snout) of a large Finback whale (approx. 70 feet) just about to surface within inches of the Island Quest! The fuzzy thing in the bottom left side of the photo is actually a guests head!! Such an unreal experience!

If you want to see the video from this, here is the link to the video on Facebook:

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