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Winter Wildlife On The Bay Of Fundy With The Island Quest Family

a sunset over a body of water

We are so fortunate to be from and live in such a beautiful place year-round! Yesterday we had the opportunity to head out and do some birding in and around the Fundy Isles and we were able to capture some great shots!

Common Eider Ducks
Our trip started off with these beautiful ducks, male and female common Eiders. Males exhibit the white and black plumage while the females are a lovely warm brown. Rafts of these ducks can be found all over at this time of year, with the occasion gull species mixed in! You never know what you may see when looking in these groups, just the day before a King Eider was spotted but alas, we missed it this trip.

a duck swimming in a body of water

Harbour Seal
And of course to round out our trip we couldn’t miss spending some time with a marine mammal or two! This busy harbour seal was playing in the Old Sow at the tip of Deer Island at high tide.

a dog swimming in a body of water

We were lucky to witness a spectacular sunset and even more lucky to enjoy that sunset on the water between the islands.

Check back in for more photos from beautiful St. Andrews by-the-sea and surrounding area and updates on the BEST whale watching company in New Brunswick 🙂


Nicole 🙂

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